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The Hoverbike is a technology whose time has come. Though the idea of a personal military hovercraft is not new, the recent revolution in low-cost, low-power computer technology; high-efficiency motors; and composite materials has helped turn this idea into reality. Combining the latest in advanced drone technology with military-specific customization, the Hoverbike provides military commanders with unprecedented flexibility in moving materiel, as well as humanitarian and emergency response leaders with an improved ability to reach remote regions with critical medical supplies and personnel.


The Hoverbike is being collaboratively developed by the United Kingdom-based Malloy Aeronautics and the Maryland-based SURVICE Engineering Company under contract with the U.S. Department of Defense. The vehicle is one of the leading concepts for the Army's Joint Tactical Aerial Resupply Vehicle (JTARV), which is intended to support unmanned assured logistics resupply by providing an affordable, modular aerial platform organic to traditional ground-based units.

Hoverbike with saddle bags.
Hoverbike with saddle bags.

R & D For The Warfighter

Now in its third generation of development, the innovative Hoverbike concept features:

  • Improved stability via overlapping, shrouded quad-rotors.
  • Improved survivability and reliability via multi-engine redundancy and innovative yaw control.
  • An adaptable chassis to easily reconfigure the vehicle for mission-specific purposes.
  • Minimal training due to fully autonomous capabilities and varying levels of pilot input requirements.
  • Reduced radar and acoustic signature via a small physical footprint, a below-the-radar operating envelope, and minimized propeller tip noise from shrouded fans.
  • Increased power generation via a multi-fuel-capable onboard generator that can supply >80 kw of continuous power to the vehicle or serve as an on-site/auxiliary power source.
  • Reduced logistics burden via autonomous, simple waypoint-to-waypoint navigation, and without the need for large runways or clearings.

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